Yes – Mustard Oil is the Best!

P Mark Mustard Oil has been around for a long, long time – since 1933. As part of its mandate as The Mustard Specialist, the brand has been evangelizing the cause of mustard oil for several decades now.
But we aren’t the only ones speaking up for mustard oil. Over the years, many doctors (especially Cardiologist), scientists, dieticians and nutritionists have been voicing their views on mustard oil, exhorting people to go back to their grassroots and explore the diverse health benefits offered by this ancient oil.

Golden Mustard with empty pods and oil in a bottle
The interest levels regarding mustard oil are – apparently – on the rise. A recent article that appeared in leading mainstream publications like the Economic Times, Business Standard, Hindustan Times, Indian Express and Midday, highlights the multifaceted health benefits offered by mustard oil.
You can read the articles here:

Economic Times: Want to improve your heart health? Mustard oil can be really beneficial
Business Standard: Here’s why mustard oil may be healthy for your heart
Hindustan Times: Here’s why mustard oil may be healthier than olive oil and refined oils
Indian Express: Mustard oil may be one of the healthiest edible oils; here’s why

It is extremely gratifying to see a newer, younger set of decision influencers joining the cause of mustard oil and supporting its role as a cooking medium that’s healthy and nutritious. And it has always been that way. In its cold pressed form (known as Kachi Ghani in India), mustard oil still contains all the intrinsic nutritional values that it has offered – for thousands of years.


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