A Heartening Message from Boman Irani

The fact that Boman Irani is a foodie is well-known – but Boman is a very special kind of foodie: he’s a health-conscious foodie. He loves his food but doesn’t let his appetite get in the way of health and fitness, both of which are very important in his profession. As a popular and highly versatile character actor, his work schedules are hectic and physically demanding.

In this short video, Boman has a very interesting message. He points out that no matter what you may be eating, there’s one “ingredient” that’s common to all your food – oil. For Indians, this ingredient makes a big difference because we like our food rich and oily. The boiled, steamed and roasted stuff doesn’t really suit our taste buds and our palate.

So making healthy food choices boils down – to a large extent – to choosing the best cooking oil. Oil affects a wide range of health issues like obesity, heart, blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. Boman succinctly explains which oil to choose – and why.

Do watch this video carefully – it could end up being very good for your heart and your health.


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