Mustard – Taking Flight!

Last month, Mustard was in the global news in a big way! A Qantas flight powered by biofuel made partly from mustard seeds flew all the way from Los Angeles to Melbourne. As Qantas Flight No. QF 96 – a Boeing Dreamliner 787-9 – thundered through the skies, it became the world’s first biofuel flight and it reduced carbon emissions by 7 percent in a single journey. If one were to compare this with conventional jet fuel used by commercial airliners, this reliance on mustard seed-based biofuel is expected to reduce emissions by 80 percent over the fuel’s life cycle, according to aviation experts.

Currently, international aviation specifications have capped biofuel blends at 50 percent – but after the historic flight, a Qantas spokesperson said that in the near future, new specs could allow 100 percent biofuel flights.

For The Mustard Specialist, this news comes as no surprise. Puri Oil Mills Limited, the company that manufactures P Mark Mustard Oil, has worked tirelessly to unlock the enormous power that lies within the humble mustard seed.

In the video featured above, Boman Irani – the brand ambassador for P Mark Mustard Oil – talks about some truly amazing facts about Mustard and Mustard Oil… including their use in Biofuels, Warfare and Nuclear Reactors!



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