When Mustard Oil Begins Smoking…


The P Mark Mustard Oil team was shooting in Srinagar last month for the new television series Mezbaan-e-Wazwan with celebrity chefs Harpal Sokhi and Abbas Bhat. On the sets, an interesting exchange took place between Chef Bhat – who is an expert on authentic Wazwan recipes and cooking methods – and Aaliya, the show’s anchor.

When Chef Bhat poured the Mustard Oil into a pan and heated it, fumes rose from the pan as the oil reached its smoking point. Aaliya asked why Mustard Oil emits its typically pungent smoke on heating. Chef Bhat smiled and replied that the smoke was a signal that the Mustard Oil was pure, high in quality – and ready for cooking.

Indeed, Mustard Oil is the only cooking oil that takes on a silken, golden texture when it reaches its smoking point – and it also retains all its nutrients and natural antioxidants, even at these high temperatures. That’s the beauty of Mustard Oil.

Simply stated – if on heating, your Mustard Oil does not emit fumes along with pungency that tickles the nose (and the taste-buds), it means that you aren’t using the right oil. It is probably blended with some other oil – or worse still, it contains impurities that may have an adverse effect on your health.

So remember: where Mustard Oil is concerned, smoking is healthy!


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