Boman Irani is Amazed!

If you are a Hindi movie fan, then there’s one thing that you already know: Bollywood movies are full of double roles and triple roles and multiple roles. There’s a movie called Naya Din Nayi Raat in which the late Sanjeev Kumar played nine different roles! Madhuri Dixit played five different roles in M F Hussain’s Gaja Gamini. And more recently, Priyanka Chopra has played twelve roles in a single movie – one role for each sign of the Zodiac.

However, in spite of being a part of Bollywood and being familiar with its penchant for multiple roles, Boman Irani didn’t expect to see Mustard Oil in so many roles. Like so many others, he thought it was just a cooking oil.

It is only when Boman became the brand ambassador for P Mark Mustard Oil did he start exploring the product category – and was blown away by the multifaceted wonders of this Superstar Super Oil.

But we won’t say anything more… we’ll let Boman tell you all about it – because nobody tells it like Boman Irani!

Boman’s sense of wonderment is captured in this short film – and you can clearly see that he is all wide-eyed and amazed. And with good reason too!



Boman Irani shares some Food for Thought

Boman Irani is well known in Bollywood for two things: for being an amazing character actor and for being one big foodie! In this film, he makes an interesting point while talking about Indian food – it’s oily. Yes, we Indians like our food oily… it is an essential part of the culinary experience. Steaming, stewing, roasting, boiling… no, that’s not what we Indians like.

That brings us to the real issue – the importance to choosing the right cooking oil.

You can’t go wrong with an oil that’s 100 percent natural; an oil that has been known for its healing properties for thousands of years; an oil that has a healthy balance of essential fatty acids; an oil rich in antioxidants; and most importantly, an oil known to be ideal for heart health.

It is mustard oil we are talking about and Boman points out that everybody’s talking about it too – and that includes doctors and cardiologists in India and abroad.

In an earlier post on this blog we highlighted this aspect – the buzz that surrounds Mustard Oil these days along with the fact that it is steadily growing louder. Boman adds his baritone voice to this buzz and he says: Mustard oil is the one – go for it!

Boman Irani has a Flashback

What makes movies a fascinating medium is their ability to travel back and forth in Time. So here’s Boman Irani taking you into flashback mode, travelling back to the past to share memories of his first ad film for P Mark Mustard Oil. In doing so, he asks a question that has become one of the most memorable dialogues from the ad film: “Made in India Kyun Nahin?”

Boman certainly has a point – there is this new trend these days of running after cooking oils imported from other countries. Some of these may indeed be manufactured in India now, but the concept is borrowed from some other country. Take the current fad for olive oil as an example. It is pretty to look at and it comes in attractive packaging – but the much touted health benefits work only in the context of a Mediterranean lifestyle and climate; not in a tropical country like India.

Boman points out that we have our very own oil – Mustard Oil – and it has been around for thousands of years. Its health benefits are well established and modern medical science is asserting that it is indeed the best cooking oil for a healthy heart.

So the next time you are tempted by attractive looking oils beckoning to you with their glamorous packaging, do remember Boman’s extremely pertinent question: Made in India Kyun Nahin?

A Simple Story – A Life-changing Lesson

The grand Indian epic – The Mahabharata – has been an integral part of our social and cultural fabric for many millennia. It contains valuable lessons for almost every situation in life; from everyday living guidelines to insightful business strategies and management techniques.

In this video, Boman Irani narrates one of his favourite tales from the Mahabharata. And he tells it like only Boman Irani can – with intensity, simplicity and focus.

Focus – that’s the very essence of this story. This is a lesson in the art of concentration – a simple technique that can be used for enhanced learning, skill development, manufacturing excellence and leadership strategies.

Nobody understands the importance of focus better than Boman Irani. He has used this technique to create some his most memorable characters. When he begins reading the script for a new character, Boman first focuses on the inner aspects: Who is this person? What drives him? How does he think? What are his passions, his peeves and his ideals?

Next, Boman focuses on the outer manifestations of these traits. How does this character behave? What are his quirks and oddities? What is his social persona?

Creating this character begins with focus, and that’s what this amazing story is all about. But we’ll let Boman narrate it for you – because nobody can do this better than he can!

From One Specialist to Another

To understand the importance of the specialist in today’s world, ask yourself this question: When is the last time you visited a General Practitioner? The GP’s role has been taken over by specialists and super specialists. Today it’s all about cardiologists and oncologists and nephrologists. As Boman says in this video: Zamaana hai Specialization ka (This is the era of Specialization).

We can see this phenomenon all around us, in every field of endeavour. Engineering has developed an array of specializations: aeronautics, aerospace, information technology, automotives, rail technology and so on.

The world of business too has evolved a host of specializations as it goes global and becomes more complex: operations management, logistics management, e-commerce, organizational behaviour and a lot of other complicated stuff.

Even Bollywood is full of specialized jobs now: Director, Director of Photography, Lighting Director, Art Director, Choreographers, Set Designers, Costume Designers and a whole lot more.

And let’s not forget the specialist character actor in this video. From quirky college principals (Professor Virus) and menacing gangsters (Vardaan) to goofy businessmen (Batuk Patel) and serious biographical roles (Gandhi and Kailash Satyarthi) – Boman Irani has done them all. That’s why he is riding on a high – after all, it’s the era of the specialist.

And that’s what makes this video so interesting – here’s the character acting specialist talking about the Mustard Specialist

Boman Irani and the Tiny Mustard Seed

He is a renowned and much admired character actor in Bollywood movies. He has played some truly iconic roles that will remain in public memory for years to come. He is the inimitable Boman Irani and all his fans and movie buffs know about his amazing histrionic skills. However, there’s another lesser known dimension to Boman: he is a much sought after motivational speaker. Not really surprising, is it? After all, his narrative skills are awesome – he can tell some really great stories… just like he does in this video.

Boman tells you all about the journey of a single mustard seed as it undergoes the process of turning into pure mustard oil. He talks about the rigours involved in ensuring stringent quality standards that can be trusted – batch after batch.

As Boman points out, it is a multifaceted endeavour beginning with the sourcing of mustard seeds from farmlands known for superior crop quality and going all the way to using advanced research methodologies and high-tech laboratory equipment to create healthy cold-pressed mustard oil that makes food taste great.


Interestingly, renowned brand and marketing guru Philip Kotler states that customers look at a product as a “bundle of attributes” that satisfy their needs – these attributes eventually translate into brand values. Boman’s story ends up explaining how a simple everyday kitchen item like mustard oil eventually became an iconic brand trusted by millions of consumers across generations.

And it all begins with a tiny mustard seed!

Discover the Goodness of Mustard Greens

We’ve written extensively about mustard and mustard oil on this blog. Today we look at another dimension – Mustard Greens.

Without doubt, the mustard plant is an amazingly useful plant. The mustard seeds are used as a popular spice; the seeds are cold-pressed to extract Mustard Oil; and even the leaves are edible and are used as Mustard Greens.

Mustard Greens offer excellent nutritional value and some researchers count it among the world’s healthiest foods. They constitute a rich source of natural antioxidants and have a very high concentration of a flavonoid called isorhamnetin, known to be a power cancer fighter. These cancer prevention attributes are further heightened by the presence of allyl isothiocyanate and a glucosinolate called sinigrin.

But wait – it keeps getting better! Mustard Greens are also a good source of Copper, Manganese, Phosphorus, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin B2 and Vitamin B6.

You can add Mustard Greens to your daily diet by making a delicious salad or by mixing it with other vegetables or pasta. You could toss the vegetables to create a healthy salad and then drizzle it with a dash of mustard oil to add a little zing. It’s best to rinse the greens in cold water, cut them into small slices and then steam them; cooking them isn’t really a good idea – that could destroy many of its natural nutrients.

And here’s an added benefit – regular use of Mustard Greens in your diet can go a long way in detoxifying your body. Go for it!